How to Implement Referral Program in Mobile Apps for Both Android and Iphone

How to implement referral program in mobile Apps for both Android and iPhone

We are doing a similar type of referral system in our app which provides certain amount of Reward Points to the referrer (one who actually shared the link to app) on successful install of the app by new user (one who received the link).

I will try to explain our implementation using your scenario:
So according to your user story:

  • Every new user (E.g John) is given a unique referral link, which he/she can share it to his friends using FB/TW/Email or SMS.

  • When John's friend clicks on the link, he is re-directed first to a Servlet which eventually redirects him to respective AppStore based on his platform (Android/iPhone) to download the app.

  • Note that we can find out the IP address, user agent and device model of the user who clicked the link using a Servlet.

  • We already know that the referral link belongs to John and hence the servlet maps the IP address,user agent and/or device model of John's friend to John's entry in database.

  • The moment John's friend installs the app, and opens the app, the application sends the IP address, user agent and/or device model to the server.

  • The server checks the entry against all the user to find the referrer and if it finds him, in our case John, John gets rewarded accordingly..

Thats it. We implemented this in the last month itself and it does increased our downloads.
Let me know if that's helpful.

How could I implement referral program for app users in Android market?

See the Android Market Campaign Tracking documentation:

It's pretty easy to generate a unique "campaign content" per user, and substitute that into the market url. That would get provided to your broadcast receiver and processed by you as you wish.

How to do referral concept in ios

This is not supported by Apple or the App Store. There is no corresponding way to do this.

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