Get Android Phone Model Programmatically , How to Get Device Name and Model Programmatically in Android

Get Android Phone Model programmatically , How to get Device name and model programmatically in android?

On many popular devices the market name of the device is not available. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the value of Build.MODEL could be "SM-G920F", "SM-G920I", or "SM-G920W8".

I created a small library that gets the market (consumer friendly) name of a device. It gets the correct name for over 10,000 devices and is constantly updated. If you wish to use my library click the link below:

AndroidDeviceNames Library on Github

If you do not want to use the library above, then this is the best solution for getting a consumer friendly device name:

/** Returns the consumer friendly device name */
public static String getDeviceName() {
String manufacturer = Build.MANUFACTURER;
String model = Build.MODEL;
if (model.startsWith(manufacturer)) {
return capitalize(model);
return capitalize(manufacturer) + " " + model;

private static String capitalize(String str) {
if (TextUtils.isEmpty(str)) {
return str;
char[] arr = str.toCharArray();
boolean capitalizeNext = true;

StringBuilder phrase = new StringBuilder();
for (char c : arr) {
if (capitalizeNext && Character.isLetter(c)) {
capitalizeNext = false;
} else if (Character.isWhitespace(c)) {
capitalizeNext = true;

return phrase.toString();

Example from my Verizon HTC One M8:

// using method from above
// Using



HTC One (M8)

How to get the device Model Name?

It was really simple, just call:

String model = Build.MODEL;

Update: This code will print the exact string you requested:

String reqString = Build.MANUFACTURER
+ " " + Build.MODEL + " " + Build.VERSION.RELEASE
+ " " + Build.VERSION_CODES.class.getFields()[android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT].getName();


Samsung Note 4 6.0 MARSHMALLOW

LGE LG-D410 4.4.2 KITKAT

Get Android Device Name

In order to get Android device name you have to add only a single line of code:


Found here: getting-android-device-name

How to detect a mobile device manufacturer and model programmatically in Android?

You can get as below:

String deviceName = android.os.Build.MODEL;
String deviceMan = android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER;

For more other device details, Please refer this document: android.os.Build

How can I get the device name in Android?

To display the device name/model in android use:

TextView tv1 = (TextView) findViewById(;
String str = android.os.Build.MODEL;

Link to Android Build Class

Get Android Phone Specs Programmatically

You should look into Google Analytics. They probably have what you need for your app. But if you're going to change User Experience depending on the phone they use, these links could help:

Android: Get Hardware Information Programmatically

Get Android Phone Model Programmatically

Try these:

    Log.i("TAG", "SERIAL: " + Build.SERIAL);
Log.i("TAG","MODEL: " + Build.MODEL);
Log.i("TAG","ID: " + Build.ID);
Log.i("TAG","Manufacture: " + Build.MANUFACTURER);
Log.i("TAG","brand: " + Build.BRAND);
Log.i("TAG","type: " + Build.TYPE);
Log.i("TAG","user: " + Build.USER);
Log.i("TAG","SDK " + Build.VERSION.SDK);
Log.i("TAG","BOARD: " + Build.BOARD);
Log.i("TAG","BRAND " + Build.BRAND);
Log.i("TAG","HOST " + Build.HOST);
Log.i("TAG","Version Code: " + Build.VERSION.RELEASE);

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